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Nitric oxide influences the blood vessels of your penis by ensuring strong blood flow.

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The stronger the blood flow to the penis, the stronger is the erection. Aloe Vera - a skin-soothing herb that stimulates the circulation of the ingredients to where they required to go, distributing through the skin evenly and quickly.

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Bearberry Extract - is better known as uva ursi, an astringent plant which has been used for hundreds of years in treatments of the urinary tract. Bearberry improved the circulation of fluid to help achieve a harder erection and a better performance.

Mango Butter - works as a top quality lubricant while giving the essence of mango, regarded as an aphrodisiac and a masculine enhancer by ancient cultures for centuries. Menthol - warms and encourages your genitals, while improving your performance power with a smooth action that allows you going for as long as it is needed.

Vitamin C - is a miraculous nutrient of sex, as discovered by recent studies. zúzódott erekció

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Vitamin C improves libido, recovery period and intercourse duration, and when applied, contributes to erection with impressive hardness. In one research conducted by the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Science Malaysia findings showed an impressive improvement in the sexual performance of middle-aged rats.

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The ingredient also contains L-Dopa, the precursor of dopamine, which is the pleasure-related neurotransmitter of the brain. In simpler words, they can improve blood circulation to your penis, stimulating an erection to occur.

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This stretching of the vascular elements associated with your penis decreases blood outflow, which influences the length of your erection. Additionally, safflower comes with the omega-3 fatty acids that can have a strong reduction influence on the possibility of heart diseases.

It's an unparalleled source of Vitamin C and in researches with rats, it has been proven to stimulate the process of antispermatogenesis, acting as a natural contraception solution. In addition, Chinese scientists have discovered that it includes proteins which show promise in fighting against the HIV activity.

Amla is one of növelje a pénisz géllel richest sources of Pénisz dörzsölje C.

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Bioflavonoids, including the apigenin, are believed to work hand in hand with Vitamin C for ensuring of blood vessel health. It regulates both blood pressure and your heart rate, this herb calms down your body, which can be an extremely beneficial element during sex.

In a research on mice using Cordyceps, plasma testosterone quantities were significantly improved in both 3-day and 7-day experiments. Testosterone is directly associated with the development and improvement of libido in males. It is also extremely important for the metabolism of testosterone.

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Zinc, as the zinc oxide, is better tolerated than other forms. Also increases anti-allergic, -inflammatory, -viral, -bacterial, and antioxidant characteristics, reishi is believed to lighten the mood and influences one's sense of strength and vitality.

Természetes összetevőkkel rendelkezik A Prosolution gél összetevői A ProSolution összetevői, amelyek többségét évszázadok óta használják, kifejezetten arra szolgálnak, hogy helyi alkalmazással érvényesüljenek. A legfontosabb természetes növényi összetevők a következő: L-Arginin: Ez az aminosav növeli a nitrogén-monoxid szintet, ami tágítja a vérereket a péniszben és nagyobb véráramlást eredményez. Ez a megnövekedett véráramlás lehetővé teszi a gyorsabb erekciót. Orvosi medveszőlő Bearberry : A húgyutak kezelésére évszázadok óta használatos növény, növeli a folyadék áramlását, és segít beállítani az erekciót és erőteljesebb orgazmust létrehozni.

It has növelje a pénisz géllel believed by some to be a natural alternative to Viagra. In addition, it can have a relaxing influence on the body, regulating body weight, reducing nervousness and ensuring healthy sleep. Nitric oxide calms down the vascular smooth muscle through parasympathetic stimulants, which ensures blood circulation to your penis and achieving erekció megtartása quickly.

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Drilizen improves testosterone delivery, it also includes an active element known as protodioscin. Protodioscin stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone better known as interstitial cell-stimulating hormone.

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This hormone on the other hand improves the release of testosterone from the Leydig interstitial cells in your testes. A healthy thyroid system növelje a pénisz géllel to the metabolism by making it to be more efficient and effective.

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On the other side, proper metabolism is an invaluable part of both erection and sexual improvement.